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a selection of features and q&as I’ve commissioned and edited:

On Rare, Selena Gomez Finally Lands On Her Own Signature Style
By Salvatore Maicki. The aesthetic of the pop star’s third solo record is one she’s been steadily arching toward for some time now

What Live Music Can learn From The World’s Biggest Vitural Pop Star
By Lio Min. The future is Hatsune Miku.

Why Disco Is Taking Over Pop, One Feel-Good Banger At A Time
By Claire Lobenfeld. From Dua Lipa to Miley Cyrus, the current surge of disco nostalgia is a telling sign of the times.

Pop Smoke Lives Again In Brooklyn
By Shamira Ibrahim. Months after his untimely death, the music of Brooklyn’s beloved drill phenom soundtracks his city's unrest.

What Does The Future Of Artificial Intelligence In Music Actually Look Like?
By Nicole Mo. AI music suggests a future of robot pop stars. But the reality is both less glamorous and less dystopian than that.

Pretty Sick Makes Honest-To-God Rock For Your Inner Romantic
By Layla Halabian. On new EP 'Deep Divine,' Sabrina Fuentes makes growing up in New York City feel like a universal experience.